Support in the ANCHOR Unit

Read more about our complementary services and meet the faces of our wellbeing team who are on hand to support you or a loved one.

Wellbeing support service

A photo of Friends of ANCHOR's wellbeing team
Denise, Louise, Vicki, Lisa and Jenny work in the ANCHOR Unit Monday to Friday

Our wellbeing support team, based in the ANCHOR Unit, offers practical and emotional support.

The step count among this dreamy bunch reaches impressive heights most days as they split their time across the various wards and clinics of the ANCHOR Unit to offer patient support.

Every element of our wellbeing service is coordinated by the team, including patient care packs and provisions, our Making Memories fund and the delivery of the wellbeing programme in the Unit.

Complementary therapies

Our chair and bedside therapies include massage, reflexology, a nail bar service, and podiatry. They are free, and are are available throughout the Unit for anyone who wishes to use them.

Our weekly schedule is detailed in the image shown here, and we would encourage you to read more about the services below.
Our weekly schedule of complementary therapies

Massage and nails

Ruth, Coreen, Karen and Lucy

Our massage therapists Coreen, Karen and Ruth can provide relaxing massage and reflexology appointments to help you unwind. Coreen also specialises in reflexogy, while Karen is our in-house nail technician. 

For our nail bar appointments, Karen will come to you with all the tools and polishes required to give your hands and nails a pamper and help you feel your best. 

Please speak to a member of the team or use the button below to enjoy a mini manicure, massage treatment or reflexology – personalised to you. 


If you're experiencing problems with your feet or lower limbs, our podiatrist Kay is on hand to deliver assessment, treatment and eduction to help ease any discomfort. 

This service is freely available to ANCHOR Unit patients. Kay can help you with:

  • Urgent treatment to prevent or stop infection
  • Routine treatment to keep your feet happy and healthy
  • Therapeutic treatment to bring that feel-good factor

Speak to our wellbeing team or tap the button to make an appointment.

Our podiatrist Kay
Our podiatrist Kay offers appointments every Wednesday and Friday


Mindfulness tutor Louise

I have been reminded to be kind to myself and have learnt to be more aware of my feelings and techniques to not get so caught up in my thoughts.”

Our mindfulness tutor Louise is our in-house specialist for mindfulness. 

Mindfulness can be a great resource to equip you with tips and exercises to alleviate feelings of stress or anxiety. We run a fully-funded 8-week course, to help patients and carers cope with difficult emotions and improve sleep quality. 

Since we launched our mindfulness course:

  • 100% of participants say they are able to deal better with difficult emotions
  • 100% of people noticed improved sleep quality
  • 100% would recommend the course to others

Volunteer-led services

Our volunteer-led services include our Welcome Teams, Patient Transport drivers, Listening Service and therapet visits. 

  • Our volunteer team extends a warm welcome and way finding support to day patients and visitors, with a daily treat trolley and juice rounds too.
  • Our volunteer drivers are on hand for patients requiring transport to Glasgow for stem cell transplant treatment and for urgent NHS-referral transport requests.
  • Our Listening Service is an independent, confidential offering to support people through the challenges and emotions faced as a patient.
Volunteer-led services include our Welcome Teams
Ashlyn gifts her time each week to run the listening service

Listening Service

Run by volunteer Ashlyn, our Listening Service is freely available for inpatients.

The confidential service is not counselling or advice-giving, but instead provides patients with a platform to be listened to, without interuption, to help calm worries or ease feelings of upset.

If you or a family member are an inpatient within either ward 112 or ward 114 in the ANCHOR Unit, please speak to a member of NHSG or FoA who will arrange for Ashlyn to pop in for a visit, or use the button below.


Every Friday, the ANCHOR Unit gets a special visit from trained therapet Harvel and his owner Steph. 

  • For those staying in the inpatient wards, Harvey is on hand to offer bosies or just a smile at the door.
  • Harvey and Steph gift their time to offer this support each week. 
Steph and Harvey pop into the Unit every Friday

Ward Assistants

Clockwise from bottom left: Lynne, Alisha, Catherine and Heather work in the ANCHOR Unit Monday to Friday

Throughout your time in the ANCHOR Unit, you’ll see Friends of ANCHOR ward assistants, both in the inpatient wards and in the outpatient and day patient departments. You can recognise them by their green Friends of ANCHOR polo shirts. 

The ward assistants are on hand to support staff and are often one of the first friendly faces you’ll see as you come into the department.


Brachytherapy support

For people who require brachytherapy as part of their treatment plan, Wellbeing Support Worker Lisa is on hand. 

Lisa provides ward-based support for your overnight stay.


Wellbeing Support Worker Lisa is on hand to support patients through brachytherapy treatment