Friends of ANCHOR launches Sunshine Post to spread cheer

Friends of ANCHOR launches Sunshine Post to spread cheer

Friends of ANCHOR has launched a special postal service for oncology and haematology patients at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary – and the organisation is looking for pen pals and budding artists of any age to help get the initiative underway.

Friends, family members and strangers alike are being encouraged to write a letter, pen a poem or send a card - and drawings and paintings are welcome too.

Matthew Smith, wellbeing coordinator for Friends of ANCHOR, said: “With friends and family not being able to visit patients and be by their side, we know how difficult it must be for those who are spending time as an inpatient in the ANCHOR Unit.

“That’s why we decided to launch our inpatient postal service for the haematology and oncology wards in the ANCHOR Unit. We’ve coined it “sunshine post” because we know that a letter, painting or card from a loved one will bring an instant ray of sunshine into a patient’s room. We’d love to see people get involved by writing in or getting their kids, grandkids or talented friends to draw or paint something that will lift the spirits of the person who receives it and bring a feel of home while they’re in hospital.”

One of the first submissions was made by Gwen Booth, for her sister Susan who is a patient in the haematology inpatient ward. Gwen said: “Lots of people are missing out on time with special family members and for Susan that’s her lovely granddaughter Scarlett. When I saw the post on Friends of ANCHOR’s social media, I knew it was something that would really brighten up her day. I emailed an Easter photo of Scarlett and Friends of ANCHOR delivered it to Susan’s bedroom that afternoon.

“She was really pleased it with it, and it made such a lovely surprise.”

Letters, cards and artworks can be emailed or posted to Friends of ANCHOR and all submissions will be printed, laminated and safely disinfected before they are delivered to patient’s rooms by ward assistants who are funded by the charity but operate within the hospital setting on a daily basis.

If people would like to submit a letter or drawing for a specific patient, they should include the patient’s name, which ward they are in (haematology or oncology inpatient) and the room number, if known. Friends of ANCHOR will ensure these are delivered to their loved one within 48 hours. To make a submission electronically, snap a photo of the letter or scan it using your phone and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you would like to post your letter or drawing, please sent it to Friends of ANCHOR, Balmoral Group, Balmoral Park, Loirston, Aberdeen, AB12 3GY.