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Rally for Research

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We completed our original target two-fold and then some!

Thank you to the 1000+ people who signed up to Rally for Research with us in March.
With your support, we raised a phenomenal £105,747!

Read on to find out how those funds will directly support cancer research in North-east Scotland.

Keep an eye on this page for the dates for our next Going the Distance event.

The Rally for Research story

In March we set out with a huge goal... to cover a mammoth 72,000 miles to raise funds for pioneering cancer here in our city.

From the support we saw in the very first week of the challenge, it was clear that our participants were taking us in a very exciting direction, but we could never have imagined a result like the one that would follow.

Throughout the month we witnessed incredible involvement and commitment from individuals, families, local businesses and schools, who rallied together with enthuiasm, creativity and drive to help us reach our goal, raising a staggering £105,747 in the process.

When we launched the Rally for Research, our overarching aim was to raise funds to support our £97,475 commitment for seven pilot research projects taking place at the University of Aberdeen this year.

Thanks to those who took part, and to two of our amazing previous fundraisers who chose to ringfence their funds towards the projects, we can now say that all seven are fully funded. All additional funds which remain in the Rally for Research pot will be directly used to support other exciting research we have in the pipeline, including other lab work and fellowships.

To read in more detail about each of the seven pilot research studies being funded, tap here.

To all those who took part, donated or supported the Rally for Research in any way, thank you and well done. The work being funded by your efforts will support ANCHOR patients now and in the future. On behalf of those patients, a huge thank you.

If you would like to make a donation towards the campaign:
Text DISTANCE to 70085 to donate £5. To donate a different amount, for example £12, text DISTANCE12 to 70085
*Please note that due to constraints with the Text Donation services, donations made in this way are anonymous.

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Going the distance

How will funds be spent?

This March, every penny of every pound raised will directly fund exciting research right here in our corner of the world.

This year we’ve pledged to fund seven pioneering new studies, including research into breast cancer, mouth cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer and leukaemia and lymphoma.

These crucially important lab studies will receive early-seed funding at an average cost of around £14,000 with the hope they can achieve pilot data that will go on to secure national funding.


Going the Distance Rallying for Research

The Going the Distance legacy

With our income plummeting in 2020 last year, GTD was a lifeline for the charity when it launched last June. Now with three GTD events in the bag, the campaign has raised over £168,140 to date which has funded direct, practical support for patients and staff, and now research too. 

Going the Distance | June 2020

The funds were channelled into delivering indispensable support, including transport and accommodation for patients on active treatment during lockdown, support services delivered virtually for patients, and direct support for ANCHOR staff too.

GTD “The Lost Miles” | September 2020

This event was inspired by Friends of ANCHOR's "lost miles" - the thousands of miles that would have been clocked up in races and events throughout 2020, that were cancelled due to the pandemic. We ringfenced the fundraising specifically to our newly launched initiative, inpatient comfort packs – bespoke bundles filled with thoughtful and practical aids to bring patients a tangible feeling of home as they’re admitted to the wards for weeks, even months at a time. The event raised enough to fund almost 1000 of these packs.

Mileage motivators

Need some motivation for your own upcoming mileage challenge for Friends of ANCHOR? Check out our Mileage Motivators and select a distance that suits you, or get creative and come up with your own. We’ve used local landmarks as inspiration, but you might like to choose a target that has personal meaning to you. 

Please remember the current Government guidelines and explore responsibly.



The Mountain Range: Aberdeen beach to Cairngorms


The Don: Length of the River Don


The Coastal Path: The length of the Aberdeenshire Coastal Trail


The Oversea Adventure (Orkney): Aberdeen to Orkney by ferry


The Oversea Adventure (Shetland): Aberdeen to Shetland by ferry


Sea Level challenge: The distance from Aberdeen Beach to Ben Nevis, up the mountain and back again


Orkney Adventure: The length of the Orkney coastline

1697 MILES

The Shetland Special: The length of the Shetland coastline

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